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Manage your Bookings
How to manage your Bookings
To be able to manage your Bookings you will have to be logged in.
Click Login on the Main Menu, type in your UserName/login and Password and click Login.
After a successful login you will receive a SMS and/or email to notify you of your login.
Now that you are logged in, click on My Profile, click Edit My Profile, then click Bookings
You will now see your calendar of Bookings.
To add a booking, click on the start date of a booking and an Update window will popup.
Choose from the BookedByGroup dropdown who booked you, fill in the start and end date.
In Description you can type in more specifics of who booked you.
Click Save to save your changes.
The colour of the dates you have added will now change to match the BookedBy Group.
To Edit or Delete Bookings click on any date in the range and Edit or Delete it.